10 Good New Years Resolutions For The College Student

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January 8th, 2014 by schoolbound

The turning of the calendar to a brand new year allows everyone a chance at a clean slate. A fresh start. A dusting off of bad habits and making resolutions for a new beginning! And whether you are a young student fresh out of high school embarking on your second term at college this January, or you are a returning college student already seasoned in the world and pursuing an upgrade to life, here are some resolutions you can think about subscribing to that may make your year just a little bit better.images

  1. I am going to get organized! – Get yourself a good phone app, an actual organizer, a scheduler, or even just a wall calendar and USE IT! Planning just takes a commitment to looking ahead a bit and writing it down, and will soon become habitual. It is a great habit to have!
  2. I am going to start taking better notes! – Maybe you start recording lectures on your phone, or maybe you learn a great technique like Mind Mapping which I have discussed in a previous blog. Whatever you choose, taking great notes is a way to process, digest and retain the information you are being given in lectures, and the more you go over it and spit it back out, the more you retain.
  3. I am going to find a study partner! – Sometimes studying and comparing notes with someone else is a better way to cover a lot of information and make sure you are retaining it. If you have a friend who is in multiple classes with you it is a way to help both of you get your studying done in a more social atmosphere.
  4. I am going to take the time to be healthy!- This one needs specifics. “I am going to eat fruit for breakfast every day” or “I am going to get 30 minutes of walking/running a day”. A healthy body equals a healthy mind and a good balance is important to make time for.
  5. I am only going to take on what I know I can handle! -Maybe you need a certain amount of credits to get that certificate or degree by a certain time. But remember, you are paying a lot for this education so if it takes you an extra semester to get it, take it. DO NOT overload yourself so you do not actually get the education you are paying for. FOCUS… and don’t burn yourself out. 
  6. I am going to make sure I do not cut corners! – If the paper has to be 6 pages long, then make sure it is 6 pages long. Not 5.5. If the exam should take you 45 minutes, take the entire 45 minutes to do it and recheck your answers.
  7. I am going to plan early for a summer internship or volunteer opportunity! – I have talked about this in previous blogs. It is important to create experience while you are getting that degree, and a fantastic and fun way to do that is to volunteer or take internship roles. On the job experience is invaluable and can really put you ahead of other job applicants once you graduate.
  8. I am going to get AT LEAST 6 hours of sleep a night! – Be specific in your goal of how much sleep you want to get each night, not just “I want to get more sleep this semester”. This will make it a more tangible goal and help you know when bedtime actually is, and when you need to wind things down. No matter how busy you are and how much you study, if you are exhausted you are not at your best.
  9. I am going to finish my papers at least one day in advance of when they are due! – A good grade means that you have put good thought into your work and were not rushed through it to make a deadline last minute. Take the time to do good work and it will be worth it.
  10. I am going to spend less time on social media and more time paying attention in class! – This is a great one. Get your nose out of your phone and FOCUS!!!! Turn off the cell phone when you are in class or studying. Again, you are paying a lot for this education, don’t waste it on social media.