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February 22nd, 2016 by schoolbound

OK, maybe not right this second, but these three high paying jobs only require a certificate.  And, most certificates take less than a year to complete.  So, if you are looking for an occupation that pays well but you’re not ready to spend two years in an associate program, take a look at these three great careers.

Aircraft Mechanic
$56,900 per year

As you may have guessed, aircraft mechanics work on planes.  Specifically, they diagnose mechanical issues and fix defective parts.  These mechanics also repair important aircraft components like brakes and wings (things you definitely want in working order when you fly somewhere).

The majority of them work for private companies in hangers or airfields.  And, although most states do not require certification, many professional mechanics get them voluntarily because it helps them get better pay.

Qualities that definitely help on-the-job for aircraft mechanics are trouble-shooting skills, strength and agility.

Court Reporter

$49,860 per year

Perhaps not every case is a fascinating murder mystery novel, but if you are interested in the legal process and would like a high paced career, then this may be the job for you.

Are you one of those people who are known for their listening and observational skills? You may already have important qualities needed to be a court reporter.

Most court reporters work in courtrooms and take exact transcripts of what goes on in a legal trial.  Not only do they transcribe what is said, they also must accurately portray the gestures and actions of whose speaking. More than sixty percent of these professionals are employed by local and state governments.

Many states do require court reporters to be licensed or certified by professional associations such as the National Court Reporter’s Association.

Dental Assistant
$35,390 per year

Dental assistants generally work under dentists and help with procedures and day to day tasks. Most of these professionals work full-time in dental clinics.

There are skills that you may already have that would be useful in this working environment, such as being organized and detail-oriented. Another important trait is being able to interact with patients and make them feel more at ease.

Some of the tasks dental assistants perform include preparing the patient and work area for different procedures, teaching patients how to maintain proper oral hygiene, and scheduling appointments.

Some states do require that dental assistants to be licensed.