5 Tips To Get You Back On The College Horse

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August 28th, 2013 by schoolbound

Going back to college can be a daunting task, especially if you have had a long break since the last time you were attending classes. Never fear! Here are 5 tips to get you prepped and back in the swing of things, whether you are taking online courses or attending classes on campus.

Get good sleep on a regular basis – Changing routines always involves some stress. Try starting your class schedule even before classes start; get up early, go for a run or whatever you will do before heading to class every day, and get yourself on track. This will help your body adjust and get used to the change BEFORE heading into reading assignments and a heavy workload which can kick right in your first week. If you are exhausted and lack focus your attention will suffer and you will find yourself falling behind before you’ve even started!

  1. Find a quiet designated reading and study place – You need a quiet place to think, study, comprehend and focus either in your home or somewhere that motivates you. If you work better in a library or public place consider a routine involving a place that keeps you focused. And if it includes delicious coffee within reach, even better!
  2. Don’t forget to eat! – If you are running from work to class with no time in between, or fear walking away from the computer and missing something important because your stomach is growling so loud it is drowning out the sound on your computer, you may put eating on the back burner. Rather than hunger being a distraction causing you to daydream of that cheeseburger you are going to inhale after class… have snacks and some water at the ready. And please be conscious of your classmates and pick snacks that are quiet! Crunching Doritos while viewing a slide presentation is not very polite.
  3. A bit of exercise never hurt anyone!– If you have some time to spare during the day try going for a ten minute walk to get your blood circulating. Taking classes in any capacity usually involves a lot of sitting. Ever hear of the Freshmen 10? (10lbs that is!) Make sure to have that balance in your routine to keep you feeling good and focused. A body in motion stays in motion!
  4. Get yourself a good carry bag – Make sure that whatever you are toting the 30lb books you are required to read, your water, snacks, laptop, notebooks, #2 pencils, highlighters, sweatshirt and whatever else you deem necessary to survive your classes around in feels good on your body as you carry it. There is no reason to put yourself on the disabled list to look cool and hip with your new *insert trendy backpack brand here* when it does not serve you well. You will be living with this bag for a year at least… be discerning and pick a good one. And if it is cool looking too… win win!